We offer you quality diagnosis and the best treatments for any case.
We help your pets lead healthy lives for as long as possible.
Animal Medical Center is now open in Motoazabu!


3-1-34 Motoazabu Minato-ku Tokyo



The head veterinarian

Dr. Arata Isono

Closed days

Open through the year

Open hours

AM 9:00~12:00 /PM4:00~7:00 /
Reception closes 30 mins before the closing time. /
※Closed in the afternoon every 15th.


Please make an appointment beforehand.
(Same day-appointment are available. )

[ Cooperation system ]

We have partnership with two medical center which have advanced equipments to provide quick and accurate inspections. 

Dr.Isono , the head doctor , also works at the advanced medical center 2 once a week.


- By Car : Along the Asahi television street. (2mins from Roppongi 6Chome intersection)

- By Train : Hibiya Line Roppongi Sta. Exit B1 / Oedo Line Roppongi Sta. Exit 3

- By Bus : 品97・黒99 Nishi-Azabu(5mins from bus stop) / 都01 Roppongi-6 Sta.(6min from bus stop)

Animal hospitals with preventive medicine, inspection, and diagnosis by experienced doctors are essential for the city center.
In recent years, diseases previously undiscovered or believed to be incurable have decreased due to the development of inspection equipments and medical knowledge.
As a result, the average life span of pets has lengthened each year and requires a higher level of medical treatments.
But there are only few animal hospitals with advanced medical care-like university hospitals. Due to the limited number of advanced medical facilities, it has been challenging for patients with serious diseases to get accurate diagnoses.
Animal Medical Center Motoazabu, a member of the AMC group, consists of experienced veterinarians and nurses from the Otakibashi Animal Hospital Group and offers a wide range of services from preventive medical care(annual vaccination, etc. ) to advanced medical care(early diagnosis, neurosurgery, orthopedics, soft tissue surgery etc.)
Because of our cooperation system, we also offer inspections with CT and MRI.
Our mission is to save animal’s lives as best as we can.

Director / Veterinarian

Arata Isono